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Understanding the savings potential.

The pre-set values are approximate electric and gasoline rates, customize inputs to see potential benefits when you switch from gasoline-powered to electric vehicles. Fleet services are generally FortisAlberta’s Rate 41 or Rate 61, transmission and distribution charges are primarily based on service capacity, with energy consumption charges being $0.06909/kWh and $0.07071/kWh respectively.

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*Disclaimer: For Canadian consumers, this tool is only intended to provide an estimate of potential savings, actual results will vary. Customers may not realize similar energy savings or carbon emission reductions and vehicle data is subject to change without notice. This is the estimated gasoline and residential electricity rate for Alberta and does not reflect any additional fees and riders. This rate may not include tiered or time-of-use rates. Rates are subject to retailer and retail agreements, visit the Utilities Consumer Advocate: UCA Home ( for retail options available. FortisAlberta Inc. does not warrant or represent that this data is accurate. In no event shall FortisAlberta Inc. or its suppliers be liable for any special, indirect or consequential damages or any damages whatsoever, including, but not limited to claims associated with the accuracy of this data or information.