Which kind of electric vehicle is best for you?
View Available Models
Explore available models and find the All-Electric or Plug-in Hybrid electric vehicle model that fits your lifestyle.

Lower Fuel Cost and Charge Time
See how much you'll save when you switch from a gas or diesel vehicle to an electric vehicle - and find out how long it'll take to charge.

Do you have the ability to charge your vehicle at home?
Yes, I can charge at home.
If you have a garage, carport or driveway with access to electricity, here are some options.

No, I can't charge at home.
Public charging is likely available but keep in mind charging time varies based on car battery size and charger power. Charging prices fluctuate based on supplier.

How much can you save with an EV?
Reduce your Carbon Emissions
Utilities generate electricity in various ways. This includes using fossil fuels such as coal, natural gas and oil, as well as non-fossil sources like hydro, wind, solar and nuclear.
EV Incentives
You may be eligible for various incentives for the purchase of an electric vehicle, charging equipment and rate programs.